The Audio Series Page

From April 2001 until April 2007 we were all thrilled to relive the adventures of our old friends. These new stories took the TP into a whole new generation with more adult adventures. There were fantastic new characters in the form of Paul, Elenor and Robert. There were new villains, Draquell and old favourites, Jedikiah. The orginal cast got involved too with various stories about Carol, Mike and Elizabeth - the new chairperson of the Galactic Federation.

Unrestricted by high-budget special effects the audios could create a world beyond the imagination of 70's programme makers, stories that both thrilled and inspired, that made us laugh and cry. And we lapped it up.

The unfortunate and sudden demise of the audios came as a blow to every fan. There were tense negotiations behind the scenes, but alas, Big finish Productions were forced to give up their licence in the hope that a new new series would soon be born.

The cancellation left us with the biggest cliff-hanger of all time - half way through the invasion of Earth and near destruction of the TP what was to happen to our heroes? Only one man knows, and he's not telling. At least for now... ;-)

Big Finish is no longer releasing audio stories - they don't even mention them on their web site. If you search on line you can still buy copies and I thoroughly recommend them to everyone.


Covers from some of my favourite strories in the series.