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Great Mothers of Matra - unmade


Slaves of Jedikiah - Episodes 3,4,5


Secret Weapon - Episode 1, 2 , 3,




Revenge of Jedikiah - Curse of the Mummy's Tomb



The Dirtiest Business - Part One and two



The Doomsday Men - Episode 2 and 3


The Esper File - Parts 1,2 & 3 (First draft of Secret Weapon under different title.)



A Bad Dream Gets Real - New Series - first draft of that later became Origin Story.


Mystery Moon - Part One: The Man in the Moon

Part Two: Came Down too Soon. (unmade scripts)

Approx 1970




28th Oct 1974 & 7th Nov 1974




January 1975



20/26/27 Oct 1976 & 23/24th




Not Unknown






Unknown After 1978.

This story later became a favourite from the 'Three in Three' novel. Here we see the story outline in script form.


First draft scripts. Ep 5 has last few pages missing. NB: features Stephen's father.

Ep 4 has alternate ending where Masters pulls gun on John and insists the others jaunt back. But the P.M. phones and insists they are let go!


Coloured pages at back meant as last minute replacements during shoot.


Pavla - named Pavlova in script.






Has very different content, scenes etc.Part three incomplete - they jaunted into Master's office with AE suits on!

Has editing notes and slightly different ending. Authentic Roger signature on front.




Characters Tadam & Yeva - time travel/paradox story where children are looked after on the moon by robots - Has production notes included.

This story followed on from War of the Empires and was intended for the 9th series which was never made.


Lost Gods, Hitler's Last Secret and Thargon Menace (draft)

Four in Three - draft

Proof versions of all four books


Has editing notes - interesting to check against published version.


The only copies in existence of the proof versions bound in book format with error comments for each page.

Magazines Look- in

7th July 1973

28th July 1973

no. 6 1974

31st Jan 1976

31st March 1976

26th Feb 1976

20th August 1977

20th May 1978


Article in PVC - plus colour photo

Ad for visitor book plus first ever comic strip.

Colour comic strip plus article on Elizabeth.

Colour strip - article on Mike plus sticker intact!

Colour strip - order a TP T-shit

Article plus comp to meet Mike

B&W strip

Colour photo of Nick plus article.

Interview with Misako plus colour photo of three in glider.

Long interview with Mike.


Elizabeth publicity shot- (signed)

Sammie - with fans

Mike in Hollywood


Stephen Salmon

PVC publicity shot (sighed)

Philip as Timus publicity shot (signed)

Nick publicity shot

Flintlock topless publicity shot

Mike Publicity shot


Thames TV publicity folder for show containing letter from Look-in editor about use of comic strip.

Very early typed notes on story outline for Doomsday men. This has Roger's ideas and thoughts and some hand scribbled notes included.

The original pitch document. Titled 'The Tomorrow People' a barbic production - front image of young boy and moonscape.

Budget Proposal from 1970 - this is a fascinating insight into the projected costs of crew and equipment for the making of the first series.














This contains Roger's first outline of the TP format. There are photos of 6 young children (his next door neighbour's kids) and the document includes the concept of the twins who never actually appeared in the show. From this you can see Roger's original thoughts on the PB etc. It also has character outlines and story outlines.

1. The circus twins

2. Thors Hammer

3. The Guru

4. Visitor to Britain

5. A Little Learning is a dangerous thing

6. The fathers of time

7. The great mothers of Matra

8. The prisoner

9. Invasion Earth

10. See how they run

11. The men from nowhere

12. Sword of Damocles

13. Slaves































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