Why I love the tomorrow people

May 1998

I first saw it when I was eleven years old. The idea that my dull life could somehow be magically transformed into something unique and exciting captivated my imagination. These kids were never bullied by peers or parents, they were the worlds only hope for a peaceful future, they were

‘The Tomorrow People...’

Yes, I know that it was tacky in places, with bad sets, poor acting and terrible dialogue, but it somehow captured the essence of the 70’s. It gave me hope that this planet could be a better place and who knows, there is still a chance that one day I may ‘break out’!

This web site is my personal homage to the show which inspired my career in Psychology and Parapsychology. It is based on pictures, articles and other miscellaneous items collected in my scrap book as a child. I will update them at regular intervals. If you wish to download items please ask permission, I am willing to share anything with another genuine fan.

If you are a fan of the 90’s series my apologies. There is little for you here at the moment. I saw this show as well but never felt that it had the same memorable quality of the original series. I would like to hear any personal anecdotes regarding both series please mail me or use the feedback form

28th April 2001

Since writing these comments, over three years ago, a lot has changed in my life. I've met many of the cast and become involved with various TP projects. So, you may ask, has this changed Jackie's view of the show. The simple answer is no! I enjoy watching it as much today as I did all those years ago.

Of course I'm now in a better position to understand the reasoning behind some of the poor acting and weak special effects but none of that matters. The Tomorrow People was more than a show that I watched as a kid. It is and always will be a big inspiration to my life.

21st July 2003

We are now almost half way through the 30th anniversary year and there have been many developments in the world of TP. The celebration dinner was attended by most of the original cast, as well as Nigel Rhodes who jaunted in at the last minute to thrill fans from across the world. Dave Prowse was also there demonstating that, despite moving on as an actor, he still remembers his early days as Copin from 'The Medusa Strain'.

As the crowd rose in their feet in a standing ovation I felt as if I had finally broken out. To be photographed alongside my heros was wonderful, but it was not their presence which made the dinner so special, it was the warmth of feeling shared by the people. The unique bond that comes from being more than a fan of a TV show, or from reliving the nostalgia of our youth. Here, at last, we all knew that we were not alone. It was something very special, you just had to be there!

This year has also seen various mentions in the press, the continued highly sucessful release of the DVD's and second season of CD's and now, to top it all, the rumour that various TV companies ar looking into making a new version of the show. Do I still love this show? You bet I do! Am I still a hopeless dreamer? Yes, I'm that too!

In my humble opinion the world needs The Tomorrow People as much today as it did back in the 70's. We, the viewing audience, need a show that treats us with intelligence, captures our imaginations with adventure and good story telling, but most of all we need something out there in the media that gives us all hope for a better tomorrow...

1st May 2006

Wow! What a lot has happened in the past year. Not only have I had the privilege of working closely with Nick Young and Sammie Winmill on my own sci-fi drama series 'Explode', but I have also gained invaluable advice about the world of TV and film from none other than Ruth Boswell and Roger Price himself.

Two years ago I would never have imagined that I'd be on friendly terms with the man who influenced my life to such an extent, but now I can proudly say that he is a friend. Having spent an entire day talking about TP with the show's writer I now understand his feelings towards the legacy he created. Some people may have had their illusions shattered by such a meeting of minds, but for me it was a true confirmation of why I have always loved this show. The world today does truly need 'The Tomorrow People', or at least people who share a peaceful vision of the future

Over a pub lunch, Roger shared many memories of his time working on both the old and new series and seemed almost able to predict my questions. I glanced at him sideways and said with a cheeky grin "Are you reading my mind?" he shrugged. "Are you really a Tomorrow Person?" I inquired and he just continued to smile.

Yes, I still love this show as much now as I ever did, I think the concepts, messages and people involved in its creation are all very special. It is a true honour to be part of the TP magic.

24th November 2008 - Ten years on and still going strong!

I can't believe that it has been 2 1/2 years since I last updated this page. More importantly I'm stunned that it's ten years since I began this web site. Reading back over my entries I can see how much I've changed in that ten year interval, and also how little I've changed...

The first entry recalls how I was inspired by this show into a career in psychology. The show has, in fact, done much more than that. Knowing those involved in the making of the show has now led my career in a completely new direction as an independent film maker. I'm currently working on pre-production of my own sci-fi series and hope to involve many of those who previously worked on the TP.

Bringing people together from all three incarnations of the show at the Hyperspace 2008 event was one of the highlights of my life. Unlike the TP dinner when I was in awe of my TV heroes, I am now comfortable working alongside them in a professional capacity and the respect I feel from them is wonderful. I have achieved the greatest thing any fan could ever achieve, I have become part of the show's history. Has all this gone to my head? Well yes, in a way it has. I am very proud to have done these things, but I do not think that I did them solely for myself. I did them for every one of you who reads this web site, every one of the cast or crew who knows that family feeling that the show inspired and everyone in the worldwide fan base who was touched by the message of,

‘The Tomorrow People...’

Three things illustrate the sociological and psychological phenomenon that occurred at the Hyperspace event and I want to share them with you now.

Firstly, during the Q&A session, Roger Price, the show's creator, turned to the audience and praised me for bringing him out of his shell. "I've come to believe that if you told me the moon was made of cheese, Jackie, I'd believe it." He said. "If I were to die now, I would die a happy man because of you." Was I really hearing this? Was the man who influenced my life so profoundly actually saying that I had influenced his?

Secondly at the closing ceremony, Grant Cathro turned to me and said that he had always felt as if there was a rift between the old and new series, but this no longer existed, the rift had been healed through everyone's joint involvement in the con.

Lastly, while we were all 'Saying good-bye' to one another, I began to cry - the weekend had been a huge strain - I then noticed that most of the audience, cast and crew, were also weeping. The love in the room was so tangible you could touch it. We were not just saying good bye to acquaintances known for three short days, we were grieving for the loss of a comradeship forged out of a common belief system - that we could make the world a better place. To have moved these people in such an emotional way stunned me. The TP as a show touched my heart when I was eleven and made me the person I am today. I now know that it touched other fans too. We didn't need special powers to understand what each other were feeling that sunny September afternoon, we just knew...

So where do I go from here? Well, there is not much more that I can achieve for the TP. If the new new series (planned for 2010) ever gets made - the rumors are out there, but there is no tangible evidence of it going into production - then I want to be part of it. But if that doesn't happen, then I am content to take a back seat from now on. The essence of this show was that the TP's were guardians of the planet Earth, watching over it until more of their kind could come out of the shadows and make it a better place. These people are already amongst us, they are the fans themselves. And if the message of the show has moved even this small group of people into living a better life then it has achieved something miraculous.

I know that someone jaunting into my lounge to announce that the TP are real is only a fantasy, and will remain a fantasy. I don't need to live in a world of fantasy because the real world is so much better. The TP are amongst us... They are already here, they are us!

See you out there...


6th August 2009 - Final words

I'm calling this entry final words because it will probably be the very last entry that I make to this page - and in fact the last update I will make to this web site.The only exception being if a new new series is ever made and I have the continued priviledge to work with those creating it.

Having felt such a high regarding my love for the TP following the sucess of Hyperspace 2008, it all came crashing down earlier this year. I was told that I dominated the fan base, that I didn't give others a chance to contribute and that I wanted to keep the cast to myself. I'll leave it for you to judge whether this is true. The most hurtful comment was "it was always about you (me) and not about the show!" This personal attack (and I could not interpret it as anything else at the time) caused me to make some rash decisions to leave the fan base and to remove my web sites from the public domain. This left things open for those who felt I dominated to step up to the plate and contribute themselves. Did they do so? A few people have been instumental in keeping some aspects of the TP community alive, but mostly the world of TP fandom has fallen silent.

I'm not saying that the TP fan base would be nothing without me. It existed long before I came along and there are so many wonderful people who have contributed through informative web sites etc. but in any social group you need someone who initiates activities and I think that's me!

I wont apologise for being the person I am, for being pushy and a bit of a self-publicist. Everything I have ever done regarding the show was designed to keep the fan base alive. When I leaked information and hinted at things in a rather cryptic way it was to keep a buzz of excitement going. It may have irritated some people, but it kept people interested and that's what counts.

The ethos of the TP is that you are never alone and that you help your fellow man. I always did things in a professional manner and at my own personal expense. I could have set up a fan club and charged people to read the cast interviews, but I knew that this was not the TP way. I saw my place in the world of TP as the person who 'kept things going'. If you feel that this was bad of me, then that's your perogative. It is a role that someone has to take on to avoid this small fan base dissapearing and I was proud to do it.

So where does this leave us? Well, we can't just let it die. I've received so many messages requesting that I make the repositiry of TP related information available once again, that I've reinstated the web site. There may not be any news to reveal, but our love for the content and message of the show has not diminished. I know that my desicion to leave TP fandom was rash and over-emotional. It's taken months of healing to allow me to see past my anger and to come back again. And now that I'm back I can once again reflect on why I love this show.

When I was 11 years old I was small and shy and bullied quite badly at school. The TP gave me a sense of family, a place where people who felt different, or who didn't quite fit in, could feel at home. The TP were forgiving of their enemies and saw the best in people - even the Saps who wanted to destroy them. The show was forward-looking with hope for the future of mankind and promoted peace and non-violent resolution of conflict. These messages, Roger's mesage, had a dramatic impact on my personal beliefs and politics and after all thse year it's something that I know will never change. Being away from fandom felt like being away from my family; there was a part of me missing. I needed to come back, to come home, to feel whole once again.


Okay, I'm female. I can change my mind - November 2011.

Someone mentioned recently that this page was missing from my site. So I came here to rectify that problem. It was then that I noticed that I'd said I would never make another update to the site unless a new series was made. Has that happened? No, sadly not. But something else has happened. In recent months, I've become involved with the Face Book group - sort of taking it over (but I don't think the owner minds). New breakouts have started to emerge again and after a real lull, there is life slowly returning to the fan base - all be it in a limited form. So here I am making not my final entry, but the start of a few new entries to this site.

Other interesting things that have happened recently are that I've started writing again. Firstly, I published my novel - I know it could have been better, but it was a real achievement to see it in print and receive positive reviews on Amazon. Then I wrote a screen play called Relative Velocity which is currently being considered by the BBC. The likelyhood of it being made is very slim, but it brings me joy to know that I've raised my head above water and taken a chance with it. And if it does find sucess, well, the next thing I'll do is get a TP script produced too. I've already finished writing it - with the help of the very capable fan fiction writer Jon Graeme. It's an adapatation of his novel. Although we've taken most of the obvious TP references out, any fan will see that at it's core it is most definitely a break out story. Working with Jon's lovable and very real characters has been a real treat - almost like the series is still with us. When I look at a line of dialogue, especially the telepathic dialogue, I can't help feeling that old emotional buzz once again. I'm certain I've said it before, but its like coming home to old friends.

I first watched the TP when I was 11 years old. In a few short months I'll be fifty. I've grown up, and through my experiences broken out in my own way. I've found profound love and friendship along the way with people who I believe are also real Tomorrow People. Putting my hopes and dreams ahead of me and wishing and working hard at making them come true is all thanks to Roger Price and his legacy. I've always known that I will never be alone anywhere and this is why I love The Tomorrow People.