The Tomorrow People Interviews.

Over the past few years I have had great pleasure in carrying out a series of exclusive interviews with your favourite cast members.

The questions were provided by members of tpdis and the answers kept, as far as possible (grammar and punctuation permitting) true to the original responses.

Follow the link below to access the interview transcripts...


The Nigel Fairs Interview
The Roger Price interview - Exclusive!
The Ruth Boswell Interview:
The Nigel Rhodes ( Nigel) Interview:
Ann Curthoys (Tricia) Interview:
James - Daniel Wilson (Paul) interview:
Helen Goldwyn (Elena) interview:
Philip Gilbert (TIM) interview:
Nick Young (John) interview:
Peter Vaughan-Clarke ( Stephen) interview:
Elizabeth Adare (Elizabeth) interview:
Sammie Winmill (Carol) interview:
Sammie Winmill Chat Log:
Nick Young Chat Log: